Road Transport

Our firm places special emphasis on container transport movement, being mindful of the short period of time available in transporting and returning containers in order to save cost. We take pride in being able to place 50-60 containerized vehicles in a single day at many points, allowing our clients an assurance of quick and efficient turnaround on their containerized cargo. On average, we handle over 1,000 containers of movement every month. We also provide field staff at many destinations to monitor and supervise quick loading and unloading of containerized cargo in zones with high volume saving a lot of co-ordination issues for our clients.

We specialize in all kinds of truck and containerized road movement with emphasis on bulk movement. In the past we have often lifted over 3,000 MT of cargo from a single point in a day. We have also lifted heavy machinery and equipment and have expertise to carry out movement of the same.

We also undertake contracted long distance movement at fixed rates for a long duration of time from various destinations in India.